About The ArtificialRocksFactory.com Team
Rocks and boulders have always been designers' favorite landscape materials for accenting residential and commercial projects, but finding, moving and installing real ones that weigh hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds can be an expensive and time-consuming effort.

Manpower, arranging for heavy equipment, and accessing a backyard without damaging fences and existing landscaping are typical challenges encountered when using real rocks and boulders...even if they are affordable and available locally.

Professional landscapers can be hired to tackle the job, but our do-it-yourself customers appreciate the fact they can personally choose their favorite artificial rock models to be shipped to their doorstep without the unsightly scrapes and scars caused by trucking in and placing real boulders with cranes, chains or backhoes.

It's Human Nature To Appreciate Nature Statistics show that 84 percent of Americans participate in some form of gardening every year, which makes it the second most popular leisure activity in the United States.
  Whereas formal landscapes with expansive lawns and well-trimmed hedges were, and still are, common in the past, these days there is a growing trend towards back-to-nature designs complete with gazebos, dry creek beds and pathways lined with drought-tolerant plants.

Fake Rocks Are Ideal For Xeriscaping!
Industry experts say that conserving the amount of water and time needed to maintain their gardens and landscaping seems to be more important than ever to busy homeonwers, especially for those who live in dry climates and understand the value of xeriscapes.

As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we are pleased to be able to offer what we feel are the most realistic artificial rocks on the market today to help our customers achieve that more natural look.

Molded from actual 800-1,000 lb. boulders at our manufacturing facility in Southern California, our incredibly lifelike 50-60 lb. artificial rocks look and feel natural because they're made from construction-grade cast stone. 

They are shipped throughout North America and internationally and can be expected to resist 9,000

  pounds per square inch of pressure and endure years of use in a variety of climates with minimal maintenance and care.

Most of our customers can tell from photos on our website that our artificial rocks are top-notch and readily order several of their favorite models right away.

Others are understandably skeptical from seeing--or even purchasing--other "fake rocks" that were supposed to look realistic which is why we encourage them to buy just one first before considering ordering more.

So Realistic They're Conversation Pieces!

Whether buying one or several, our customers tell us they have fun tricking their friends, family and neighbors into thinking our artificial rocks are natural--even from inches away–until they reveal that they're not real at all!

We're certain you'll have the same experience and our staff looks forward to hearing your stories about how our artificial rocks surprise those who see them.