Realistic Prop Rocks

Visual merchandising professionals and retail store designers are constantly striving to achieve unique looks and themes with props, decorations and fixtures to create an atmosphere with impact that best promotes product sales or a specific ambiance.

Visual Merchandisers' Challenge: Creating Natural Scenery

One environment that has always proven more difficult for visual merchandisers and set, stage, trade show and special event designers and planners to convincingly and affordably duplicate, however, is that of nature, especially for seasonal or temporary displays of outdoor bicycling, camping gear, shoes and active lifestyle clothing.

Artificial silk-leaf trees and plants offer an ideal foundation for a nature display, but the styrofoam and paper mache fake rock and boulder props available from suppliers in the past to complete the scene have never met the dual test of durability and realism needed in a retail or exhibit environment.

Since finding, moving and placing real rocks and boulders that weigh hundreds--if not thousands--of pounds is impractical, our museum-quality fake rock and tree props are fast becoming the natural solution, whether for a single display or for shipping to retail stores in multiple locations.


Prop Rocks For Visuial Merchandizing

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